In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 27

   How much input did the original creator have for this series? I ask because we get a clear case of potential child abuse and I am wondering what the creator's thought are regarding the situation. The final scene in the Japanese dub shows Chibi-Usa being almost slapped by Usagi. I mean spanking is something I wouldn't do to a child, though I still know that some people do it. However, anyone who hits someone who is helpless by comparison is just wrong.

   As for the rest of the episode I found the Japanese dub to be the better one in terms of music and vocals. Even though Minako and Mamoru each have a moment where their facial expression does not work with the dialogue being spouted in both dubs. Also the first fight with Rubeus is lacking in logical seeing as the scouts and Chibi-Usa escape him easily. Finally I found the spaceship to be impressive.


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