In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 28

  Rubeus is a total chauvinistic jerk. Though on the other hand Esmeraude is a rude bragger, and she also chooses odd times to gloat. I really don't get why she showed up that last time in front of Rubeus right before he dies. Though I also don't understand why he can't teleport away after somehow surviving a fire with barely a singe.

  On which dub of the Episode I prefer: The dialogue on the spaceship matches the animation better in the Japanese version. However, the original English dub has the better acting everywhere else when it comes to evoking my emotions. So I have to go with the English version, especially because of Usagi's monologue on the veranda sounding more mature.

  Questions! Has anyone put the next episode preview that shows Sailor Pluto with the big caption text  to the music of Trunks by Bruce Falconer? For that matter would someone make a live action trailer of that preview? If anyone does can someone send it to me so I can post an embed on here with a callback to this post?


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