In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 29

   Oh man the amount of contradictions in this episode alone is reason enough as to why I think it is worthy of skipping. Yeah we get the first major appearance of Sailor Pluto in both dubs, but it is a letdown to those who have seen the awesome teaser from the last Japanese episode. I was expecting an epic introduction along the lines of Sailor Moon Crystal. Instead I got the feel of Final Fantasy 1 with stupid lines that seem to be one step above those from Dracula Sovereign of Damned. This is especially true for the more obvious and repetitive dialogue in the English dub. I recommend just watching this only if you want to just see all the episodes.

  Questions! Why does Ami mention the future Tokyo with the Crystal Tokyo name and saying it is familiar? Logic fails! Are the scouts in a dream or the future or both? Cause it goes back and forth several times on this. How come they still haven't figured out that Chibi-Usa is related to Usagi in at least some way? There are so many frickin' clues at this point! Would Esmeraude laugh at anything related to the deceased Rubeus? Were they exes that really hated each other or something in this version of events?


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