In The Name Of The Moon Sailor Moon R Episode 26

   I noticed that the English dub has some noticeable mistakes, including have a character speaking but no vocals. This episode also has an odd ending in my opinion. Just did not see the point of the in-fighting at the new business the sisters have started. I also do not like how much Tuxedo Mask is acting like Angel did during Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1. Seriously he just appears and disappears for no reason in the last few episodes than seems reasonable.

  Questions! Really Chibi-Usa didn't know who any of the Sailor Guardians were? Isn't that a back step in the over-arching plot? How does hiding her in a closet translate as keeping Chibi-Usa safe? Is it just me or was there more emotion in the Japanese acting versus the English acting?


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