Ninjak Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   There is not a lot of material to go over for this issue, primarily due to it being an action-oriented story. This being said I found 'The Lost Files' back-up story to have the lesser art but better writing. Though 'The Lost Files' does seem to go off model in terms of Colin's face on the last page. Whether this is due to a penciling problem or an inking problem is any reader's guess. As for the main story it has one nitpick level problem and a one small actual problem. The small problem occurs in the panel right before Ninjak's body goes "Crunch!" Said problem is a matter of perceived depth between the ground, the pool, and Ninjak's location. As for the nitpick, it is just a problem I feel occurs with the seeming abruptness of the time jumps.

  My verdict: Recommended for those who have read the previous issues, but not for those who have yet to read issues 1 through 4.


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