Ninjak Issue 6 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I like how in this issue it is revealed why exactly Colin's parents had weapons hidden away in the last issue. At the same time I am disappointed the abusive butler survives Colin for so many years. As for the larger part of the main story I think the opening is brilliant in how it examines how careful Ninjak has to be at Weaponeer. Though the colors are darker in some areas then I think they needed to be in terms of the indoor moments. However it does set-up a nice color contrast for the fight for this issue. I will say the main story again provided more hints about Ninjak's history than 'The Lost Files' back-up tale.

  Speaking of 'The Lost Files' story, the color palette and art style are a better combination for those looking for more vibrant and standard visuals. We also get a possible lie from Colin's handler about his former handler. Finally the writing has more metaphorical meat to it in this tale versus the main one.

  My Verdict: Recommended


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