Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 My Golden Darkness Edition

1. The Flash #315 from 1982 is not the best work the series ever saw. The art goes from tight to loose and then back to tight again several times. Plus there is the problem of two villains being introduced to the series in different ways within the same time frame. Plus the fashion sense seems slightly out of date for some of characters. For example just compare Barry's civilian look to television shows of the time. If the issue did not have these and other problems it might have been decent at the least.

2. Marvel Two-In-One #31 (1977) has a disconnect between the art and writing. This is very obvious on the last few pages. Not to mention the cover ruins the mystery it tries to set-up.

3. Vengeance Squad #1 from 1975 has leaps in logic happen in two stories, and just bad storytelling in the text story. The fight sequences look horrible. Finally the vigilante justice in the three stories makes little sense from a legal standpoint.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog #275 (2015) includes something that was previously published to bump up the price. Also the main story, while having good art, is just a giant fight scene with little to no dialogue. Just not worth buying at full price in single issue format.


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