Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Space The Anthology Edition

1. Womanthology Space #1 from 2012 has great visuals, but not enough room for most of the stories.

2. The Flash #245 circa 1976 is okay on the art front. However, the writing has the problems of the characters acting stupid regarding their situations. For example the Green Lantern back-up has him miss Floronic Man who is obviously just feet away from him. Secondly the stories feel like "one-offs" that are both given a "to be continued next issue" treatment.

3. Heathcliff #1 (1985) is okay if there is nothing of interest to do, but the stories lack real humor. It reads like a going through the motions licensed product.

4. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #7 from 1986 is just full of plot holes and tonal problems. Not only are these problems in the main story but the back-up story as well. I would even say the back-up story is even worse regarding these problems.


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