Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 That Is Not Jim Mooney Edition

1. Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #10 (2015) has a story that is too stretched out in both single issue and in terms of the larger arc. Though the art is beautiful the pacing is too long. This issue feels more like a part of a graphic novel versus a comic series.

2. The Infinity Gauntlet #3 (2015) renders the first two issues mute due to sudden time travel, thus causing the third issue to feel like a first.

3. The Flash #207 (1971) has inconsistent art on the first story and the second story is just sort of there. An example for the latter is Sargon's ever-changing creepy level. As for the second Wally (Kid Flash) just assumes he solved his mystery adventure when he could have just left an alien being to die.

4. 'No Sad Songs For A Scarlet Speedster' The Flash #198 (1970) is more about the power of belief than it is a Flash story. It really could have used some more development for the supporting characters. Not to mention the story title is a misnomer. Finally the kids clubhouse reads "Boys' Club" yet we have a girl throughout the story, and they are renaming it the "The Flash Clubhouse". I will say on the positive side of things that the art is fine. (Except for the story tease in the form of the Gil Kane cover showing an odd-looking right arm.)


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