Past Aways Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning! 

   Note: I had at least one class as an undergraduate at Webster University with the Past Aways' extra page's colorist Marie Enger. However, she and I have only ever had passing knowledge of each other's existence. So there is not a real chance of my being biased regarding her work.

  The coloring is definitely easier on the eyes on the extra page, but that is due to it being a headquarters information page versus a straight-up story page. This being said I think the bright, almost eye-straining colors are definitely needed for Scott Kolins' work on this title. As for the story I am glad that they jumped ahead a year from where the story started in Dark Horse Presents. It leaves the awkward phase potentially for later and gets the story to rocking and rolling. Finally I have to say this is future technology meets an un-killable version of Jack Kirby's Challengers Of The Unknown as  perceived by Kindt and Kolins. Highly Recommended!


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