Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 1 Manga Opinion Piece

  I definitely prefer Sailor Moon Crystal and the original anime over the Kodansha Comics English translation of the manga. Mainly because the sudden shifts in shot and scene are a little disorienting in volume 1. Though I do find the subtle differences and similarities to be interesting in all the various forms I have absorbed into my brain. I mean I don't remember seeing Usagi use her disguise power to gender-bend in Crystal, but yet we do get to see her as a groom in the manga.

  Questions! If June is the rainy season for Japan than why do Usagi and her classmates talk about June weddings? I mean wouldn't that be considered a bad time to imagine one's wedding there? Also Mamoru has no powers yet he suddenly invades the Tsukino household and somehow changes into his costume in a matter of seconds. How were these sorts of plot-holes not explained better? Finally why is there a drawing of the scouts in Playboy bunny type costumes? They are teenagers for crying out-loud!


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