Rebels Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The lead character is only 17 years old! How the heck can he grow a beard that makes him look late 20s? Yes I know a harder life ages people faster, but still he looks late 20s at the least and mid to late 30s at the oldest. Another problem I have with the book is the weird look of the wolf or fox or whatever it is. Well that and the apparent super jump from the cliff into the water. It has to have been a super-powered jump because the lead couple are not near enough to have simply jumped from the cliff.

   There's also the problems with the narration and a man who is shot with a cannon. The former shifts from an omnipresent narrator to the main character, but with the added problem of past tense mixed with present tense. Not to mention that at times this narration feels like a history book. Finally there is the man who is shot with a cannon having his whole body explode. I can't be 100% sure but I think there would be something left besides blood.

  On the plus side this second issue was slightly better on pacing. It is also less scratchy in terms of the artist's line work than the first issue. However, I still can't recommend it.


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