Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ahoy The Nozzle Edition

1. Popeye The Sailor #98 circa 1969 is a great humor comic, except for the last story which features Popeye being unheroic.

2. While the cover of Spider-Woman #40 (1981) made the not recommended listings the interiors are very much recommended. My reasoning is the story and art excellently show the same story. Secondly all the characters are intelligent. Finally the narrative is a perfect example of how to mix realistic and fantastic elements.

3. Howard The Duck #5 from 2015 because of what it references from Fantastic Four volume 1. Also great work by the creative team.

4. Queen & Country Definitive Edition Volume 1 from 2007 is a great cost saver for the amount of material in it. Not to mention all the narratives are realistic live-action spy shows/movies in comic form.


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