Recommended Comics List Of 4 Impossible Woman Seeking Man Edition

1. Marvel Two-In-One #60 circa late 1979, early 1980. This comic not only introduces the Impossible Woman, but has an unconventional, yet intelligent, team-up. We also get a good example of fiction suit fourth-wall breaking in the form of the creative team witnessing the battle. Plus Mr. Fantastic does not act like an idiot regarding his relationships with people at the beginning.

2. 'Call It... Magic' from The Flash #198 (1970) is an interesting short featuring Zatanna. While it does not fully hold up to current storytelling aesthetics it does have heart and a fun narrative. Recommended for lovers of classic fairytales.

3. Captain Canuck #1 (2015) reintroduces the characters without making story feel like an info dump.  The fact that apparently his past history still exists in the back-up stories is also interesting.

4. Halcyon #1 (2010) has an interesting premise and a well executed first issue in both story and art.


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