Zodiac Starforce Issue 1 Day Of Review

Warning For Spoilers!

   This issue is a non-stop info dump. From an art and writing standpoint this there is no room to breathe, though on the plus side they are telling the same story. The writing alone does not give each character a unique enough voice, however there are hints of a unique voice at various moments. Not to mention that while the characters are smart their dialogue sounds too rehearsed, especially during the first group scene.

  While the above problems make it a bad comic there are somethings that are good about it. For example it's aimed at pretty much all ages and fans of the magical girl concept and it hits these marks to great effect. Two other good things are the coloring and character designs being awesome and varied. Even the supporting characters look like they are from various walks of life.

   If you are okay with twelve tons of information being shoved into one standard issue than this magical girl comic is recommended for you. However for most people I would suggest potentially trade waiting this brilliant, but poorly executed first issue.


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