Imperium Issue 8 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This issue ends the battle of Divinity and Harada in a believable way. It also exposes a weakness in Divinity that makes him more human for those who don't want to read about a god-like character. However while these are great moments the issue does feel like a bit of a retread of the last two issues. Though this is okay because of the nature of time-loops and time travel within one individual's personal timeline. That being said the retread of information does successfully hide the cliffhanger's shocking reminder. I would say it is a reveal, but it was brought up in a previous issue.

  Now as for the coloring and lettering they are done without error. The line work is top-notch. I also have no idea if certain sections of work have been reused for this issue, but the dialogue and art are so good I don't care. Finally I have to recommend this comic not only for everyone (of age), but specifically for Divinity and Harada fans.


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