In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 30

   Usagi calling Tuxedo Mask a doofus in the English dub after he starts talking like a PSA is shocking. Speaking of shockingly odd things, Rei's English voice acting sounds like it is either a different actress or being directed differently. Also I found the ending to be odd in that the final confrontation of the episode is just a verbal sparring match. Though the oddest bit is the fact that no one notices the eye-catching woman outside the cake place dangling a yo-yo like black crystal earring. Just weird!

   As for the Japanese dub I liked how there is less rudeness on the part of Chibi-Usa and the Sailor Scouts. Sure the Scouts almost get Artemis killed by suffocation in a basket, but they at least try and tell Chibi-Usa and Usagi about the cakes. The lack of the Elephant comment from Chibi-Usa is also why I feel this is the better dub. Also I like that there are rude but realistic comments about the pigging-out that Esmeraude hears. Though why she has never heard or seen cakes before is baffling.

   Questions! Why did the dark statue break after the droid was defeated? On that note why didn't Esmeraude wait to place the statue in a safe and hidden place while no one was there? Does Usagi ever have an overweight phase during her time as an adult? Eating as a coping mechanism would suggest that possibility.


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