Ivar Timewalker Issue 9 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Readers of Archer & Armstrong will recognize the events at the beginning of this issue. However while some may consider it a bit lazy (in terms of creating new events) I think it allows more accessibility for those newer to Valiant. Also any of the repetition pales in comparison to the cool exploration of the multiverse by Neela & Ivar. An example is the universe which has Native Americans filling the stands of a sporting event.

   The only real problem I have with this issue is a nitpick level one. I think humans perceive more than just three dimensions and thus the 4 fourth dimension is not actually time. Though that is just my personal opinion. Overall I give this issue my highest recommendation for the great creativity on the writing, coloring and art fronts. Though only a regular type of recommendation for those looking for a 'perfect' lettering and editing job due to a missed "of."


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