Moonbeam City Episode Mall Hath No Fury Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I found one joke to be funny and the rest to be bad attempts that fell flat. The show relies too much on obscure but obvious references from the 1980s. It does this while trying to rip-off the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City and the television show Archer. The only interesting thing in this train wreck is the cast which features acting by Kate Mara, Rob Lowe, and Elizabeth Banks among others. There is a subplot involving an unbelievable amount of success for a common criminal. If this had been the main plot it may have worked as a pilot episode. Unfortunately there are so many other plot-lines, from a coffee mug rivalry to a singer's career, that are mixed in that the episode becomes convoluted. Finally the animation just looks cheap and dated compared to something like Archer.

   Verdict: Not Recommended


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