Ninjak Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

   Warning Of Spoilers!

   The art is beautiful in color and line work for both the main story and 'The Lost Files' story. However the second story is more straight forward on the art, while the first has subtle jokes and references. For example there is a man in Sanguine's origin story who resembles Groucho Marx of Marx Bros. fame. Also those looking for connections to the wider Valiant universe will want to check out this issue for a certain character's cameo.

   As for the writing the first story is a very good one except for the Butler's teary (and brutal) confession. I think this is a little out of nowhere unless he has some deeper connection to Colin. There is another problem with Sanguine's mention of Alcott's line of predecessors being unclear if it is literal or metaphorical. Overall I think these problems are small enough that the story is still good enough to recommend. As for 'The Lost Files' story it is not meaty enough to stand alone but at least the story makes sense as a whole.

  I highly recommend picking up this issue.


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