Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Eternal Warriors Edition

1. Eternal Warriors: Archer & Armstrong (1997) was published during the period Acclaim owned Valiant and boy are there so many problems. First off is that the art is too hyper-stylized and trying to be early Image. Characters heights change. Accessibility for any readers is pretty much nowhere to be found. Archer is not in the issue and his replacement has no apparent connection to him. The coloring hurts the eyes. Just avoid!

2. Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1 (2009) is inconsistent in its artistic quality with some panels looking scratchy while other look polished. Also it has a weird cameo of the Mr. Fantastic and his wife and son. Said cameo is weird because it feels like it was a story in itself, and the parents aren't paying any attention to their "mutant" son's distress. Finally the ending is just abrupt.

3. The Flash #156 (1965) is good until one gets to the time travel ending after there was already time travel used before hand. So this issue's story becomes riddled with plot holes including why there are not two Barry Allen/Flashes.

4. 1965 Tyco Ad from The Flash #156 The expressions make the kids look like they are on something. Also there is irrelevant information about one character's father.


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