Past Aways Issue 6 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Spoilers!

   This issue has two relatively small problems. The more major of the two is that the issue is very reliant on the text in order to get certain story details. It is not just the footnotes either, but the whole issue. These specific details, such as the super advanced talking stairs, and the lack of summary information regarding the premise creates a limitation on the accessibility. In other words oncoming readers might have a harder time with this issue if they are starting with it.

  On the plus side the pacing is excellent and is used to enhance the humor of the issue. Also while not perfect the art is great when it comes to the subtle visual details. As for the writing the idea of a drink given via a suppository is hilarious! In fact the main reason I would recommend this issue is the drink establishment story from Herb's travelogue/diary/journal. Finally there is some great plot developments.

  Verdict: Recommended, even though I don't know what is up with the horror movie poster last page!


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