Power Cubed Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There are two problems I found with this issue. First the mention of 'god' in a pretty linear dream seems to suggest a religious aspect that does not fit the Sci-Fi genre. However it would fit the fantasy genre side of the story and thus I am letting it slide for this issue. Second is the last page features the female from the cover, but her left foot looks a little deformed. Still it looks like a foot in clothing so I this problem is not the worst.

   Now the positives are: the dialogue is pretty close to realistic in feel. Also the villain has what is probably an 'evil' brain in a jar which is just classic. Other than that one artistic problem mentioned earlier I think the art is great. The colors are bright without being annoying level bright. There is clearly a plan of some kind behind the making of this comic. Finally the protagonists are very likable. 

  My verdict: recommended for those looking for something seemingly new in terms of old concept with a new take.


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