Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 2 Manga Opinion Piece

  Wait so Queen Beryl is actually Princess Beryl and yet she is still Queen of the Dark Kingdom? Seriously is she basically the Japanese equivalent of Marvel's Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner? I mean she is calling herself by the wrong royal title. Does this mean she was related to Endymion?  Another thing did Ami's family money act as seed money to help create Crystal Tokyo?

  Opinion! I have to wonder why the creator had Makoto make the bad pun about Usagi's name when it screws with the pacing. Also this is not as pretty as the animes, but it definitely has a better over-arching story pacing. However I also think that Sailor Moon Crystal missed a chance at making the visual differences obvious between brainwashed and regular Mamoru. If you look carefully you can see a subtle difference between the two versions in the manga. Finally Umino is handsome without glasses!


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