Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 3 Manga Opinion Piece

  I was delighted to recognize a name (Steve Wands) on the lettering credit of this volume. For those who don't know he has worked on a number of American comics, and apparently at least one English translation of a Japanese comic collection. Another delightful thing is the various differences I keep finding between the different variations of the Sailor Moon brand. Such as the fact that this edition of the English translation has Umino in place of Shingo when Chibi-Usa brainwashes the family. Also the fate of Mamoru's knights is different from the fates depicted in both versions of the anime.

  Questions! How was Motoki Furuhata able to figure how two of the Sailor Scouts identities so easily? Why did Sailor Moon Crystal not include Motoki remembering the command center under the arcade? Will the manga reveal anyone else discovering the Scouts command center? For crying out loud what is with Mamoru's having both Beryl and Asanuma as kind of stalkers? Finally Luna p is a magical machine so does that mean there are earlier alphabetical designations of it/her? For that matter does Luna P have the brain patterns of Luna the cat?

  Updated On This Series Of Opinion Pieces!  Due to limited funds I am probably never going to learn how different the earlier English translations of the manga were. Not to mention whether the musicals and games are odd and enjoyable like the animes and manga are. Though I have decided that I will try and acquire some kind of copy of the live action show. I hope to continue these opinion pieces beyond the original anime, but it really depends on what I can find after the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars pieces.


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