Recommended Comics List Of 4 Silver Mystic Hog Edition

1. Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice Softcover is the way to go for a good female led story. I just wish there was more than just the four issues. If you are a fan of G. Willow Wilson than this collected edition is for you.

2. Sonic Universe #79 is a good set-up to a future set mystery in the main Sonic The Hedgehog universe. Also provides a bit of origin information for Silver The Hedgehog. The art is pretty decent in terms of the newer characters. Though since I have not kept up with the video games I am really just assuming certain characters are new.

3. Mary Roberts Rinehart's The Bat #1 published by Adventure Comics in 1992 is a good mystery story with nice art. The only downside is that it's a one-shot that leaves the masked character's identity and motivations a mystery to the reader. Recommended for the journey it takes readers on.

4. Two-Step published by Cliffhanger which was an imprint of Wildstorm which in turn was an imprint of DC Comics circa 2004. It is suggested for mature readers and is just fun in an immature way. However those with a fetish for cars will probably be insulted by this comic. Great art by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti. Also has great writing by Warren Ellis.


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