Recommended Comics List Of 4 Three Books and a Song Edition

1. Desolation Jones Issue 1 (2005) is not for kids or teens or people in certain countries like Germany. This issue could be read on its own because the issue has a definite beginning, middle and end. However after reading this issue I feel like I will need to track down the rest of the story. Finally the art and writing are exceptional!

2. Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer (2009) is a decent comic and does its job as a one-shot. However it is more inspired by Frazetta's work versus actually being a Frazetta work. Recommended for 18 and up sword and sorcery fans as well as Frank Frazetta fans.

3. Captain Marvel #1 from 2014 is a good set-up with strong female leads. Sadly it is rated teen plus. However for those old enough I recommend it because Carol Danvers is the best holder of the title so far. Also recommended for those in denial about women creators and fans since you fools need to rethink your chauvinist ways. (note: I have said and thought sexist things at times myself, but I always  step up and apologize for doing so. However I have never thought that comics were limited to males.)

4. Tales From The Deadside by A Sound Of Thunder was released September 25, 2015. I have only listened to what is available on the band's Youtube channel. Good music, from what I heard, with narration about the Shadowman comics from the current incarnation of Valiant Entertainment. I wouldn't mind some more music inspired by Valiant comics by this or other bands.


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