This Damned Band Issue 2 Day Of Review

    I still don't understand what the set-up is beyond the basic premise of a fake history of a band that encounters "The Devil" while having a documentary being shot. Yes the art is better than last issue with no melted faces, but the writing is still off. Paul Cornell is a good writer usually, but this issue has several problems. The characters are obviously references to so many major musicians and bands it is not funny. Readers get no idea why the documentary is being done in the first place. What does "the Devil" get out of the band being popular and meeting him/her? Finally the jokes fall flat most of the time. Unless the next 4 issues are good this may turn out to be more pointless a series than The Helm.*

    Verdict: Not Recommended!

    *Though The Helm was in my opinion pointless it at least was entertaining.


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