X Volume 4 Better Off Dead Review With Spoilers

  Spoiler Warning!

  Referencing Mr. Magoo in the opening section has already dated this book because of how knowledge of the character has dwindled since the 1990s. Yes I know he was created before the 90s, however his popularity has severely lessened in recent decades. Though I can say that besides that type of reference this book is very accessible to readers who haven't read previous issues.

  As for the brutality, it is realistic even with the superpowers of certain characters. Although the logic behind certain brutal actions is questionable at times.

  Regarding the visual side of things I have to say that there are to many page breaks. Said breaks are annoying and should be cut from future editions for cost saving measures. As for the art it is better for issues 13 and 14 versus the art style from 15 and 16. Though I personally think there was improvement in the art from 16 in that it looked less muddy than 15.

  Finally the narrative nicely sets up future stories while allowing the bonus bio features to provide character backstories on The Mark and The Archon.

   I recommend this collected edition for readers of age who are looking for a brutal vigilante story.


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