Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 7 Opinion Piece

   I love the Heavy Metal music featured in this episode! Also I prefer the English dub over the Japanese dub for this episode of Bebop. Though I do think both voice actresses of VT sound somewhat similar in their vocals and delivery. I also think the Toy Story/Disney parody with the kid restaurant was amusing. As was Decker looking like Woody Allen. Finally I think the waitress's personality was funny in terms of what they did, but bad in that it was stereotyping.

   Questions! How many people have posted speculations about how VT's husband died? Does the creator of Cowboy Bebop have something against Woody Allen? Why wasn't there more Heavy Metal playing in this episode? Why was the eel tattoo guy made into someone with a sexual fetish for eels in the English dub, while in the original he seems to be just a cartoon fan?


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