Book Of Death The Fall Of X-O Manowar Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Compared to the other The Fall Of one-shots this is very weak. It is an enjoyable tale but there are certain problems. First off, there is mention of a false X-O before Aric gives up the title and armor. If Robert Venditti had written one bit explanation in the form of dialogue or a time stamp this could have been fixed. Another thing is the choice of villain takes away some of the awesomeness from the current storyline in X-O Manowar. As for the art it is too minimal when minimalism is utilized. Such as the top panel of the last page. Finally this one-shot's story wraps up a little too neatly considering the villain is a fanatic type.

    I recommend this in trade or a digital bundle, but with the caveat that it is not for the analytical sort of reader.


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