In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 36

     Again we have the Japanese version having an opening sequence that is really unnecessary. I mean we are basically just seeing Chibi-Usa's fears in fantasy form. Though speaking of her fears I think that she was actually going to let go of Usagi's hand in the time travel wind tunnel known as the ancient corridor. Which makes no sense! Another odd thing is that the English dub name changes Luax to Genie. The reason this makes no sense is that if the monster was actually a Genie why would not be able to just grant wishes with magic. Finally I thought Pluto's introduction was lackluster when compared to Sailor Moon Crystal.

     Question: Did anyone else notice that for a brief moment after the battle Luna's eyes are drawn going in the opposite direction of each other?

    Announcement! Apparently Sailor Moon Crystal is getting more episodes. Once they are available to watch I will do opinion pieces on them.


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