In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 39

    In both 1990s dubs Demande and Saphir give off an incest vibe when they are staring at each other. Even the art makes it look like a Yaoi. Another thing I noticed was how stupid the bad guys must be for saying that their crystal is "evil" when that is a clear indicator they are in the wrong. I also think that the English dub is stupid for how obviously edited it is. I mean the first image in the Japanese dub after the opening song is a shadowed female butt. Speaking of changes why is Wicked Lady the best substitution the English dub's crew could come up with for Chibi-Usa's evil form? Just seems tame.

   On a different note why is the time travel easier for the good guys in this episode? Also which of Chibi-Usa's fake memories had more truth versus lie? Were some of the fakes actually bits taken from real bad memories?


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