In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 35

   I am surprised they did not save Chiral and Achiral for the episodes set in the future. Also surprised by the fact that Esmeraude did not have a third point in place in order to complete her plan. The final surprise I found was that the Japanese Dub did not require the opening Memory/Dream. Though the original dub presented in the USA was still horribly stupid in scripting it at least cut that unnecessary scene. I would say people could skip this episode when watching the original English dub, but there are great moments that are key towards the end. Such as Chibi-Usa fighting back in order to save her friend.

   Questions! Did Chiral's summoning of dark energy look like animation from Yu Yu Hakusho in terms of the hand motions and drawing style? Why does Chibi-Usa not know what fighting looks like? I mean she was bullied and not everyone was probably 100 percent peaceful in the future of Sailor Moon. Why did Chiral and Achiral not try and pull at least one of the Sailor Scouts into the pavement?


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