King Tiger Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    There are a couple of problems in the visual part of the narrative. In the first panel the helicopter's main rotors are not moving yet it is clearly in flight due to the tail working. Some lines suggesting motion would have negated this being a problem. On the first panel of the tenth story page the reaction shots do from the crowd on the left side do not fully make sense in relation to the action. Now as for the story itself, it is not as fast paced and epic until we get to the first fight scene of the issue. After that it radically becomes epic again, especially when Milo gets to shoot things. We are also told what exactly the large demon is, and it is an awesome cliffhanger reveal.

   Overall the art and color palette are beautifully done. I also feel a College Masters level art class lesson could be given using this issue or this and the first three. Finally the characterization in both the writing and visual mannerisms are part of what make this book a treat. I very strongly recommend this issue!


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