Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Star Blast Edition

1. Starblast #1 from 1994 has problems on almost every level from editorial to lettering to just clunky  dialogue. Put simply it is a mess from the cover onwards.

2. Captain Nauticus And The Ocean Force #2 published by The National Maritime Center from 1994 has way too many problems. Badly conceived concepts and plotting render this PSA indecipherable as to why it exists. Just avoid this nightmarish attempt at comic book creation.

3. The Dark Avenger story from Phoenix #3 published by Atlas Comics in 1975. This story pales in comparison to the titular character's story in terms of the writing. Also the Dark Avenger lives with his mother and adult brother despite being an adult himself. Finally most of his story is first person narration in thought form.

4. Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #2 circa 2012 is just all over the place narratively. For example flashbacks occur in a way that seems to be present day at first due to how they were first written. Plus there is too much telling and not enough showing.


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