Rai Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Issue 11 is thankfully not the last we see of Rai's traveling companion/guide/friend Lemur. I personally view Lemur as the male Faith of Valiant's 41st century in terms of his loyalty. So I would have been sad to see him go, and I hope that his character gets fleshed out in future issues. Also I think the dead AX is an easter egg reference to the AX from Harbinger. My theory is 'Father' is still some version of Harada and he is creating twisted versions of past characters such as AX and Bloodshot (Rai).

   Theories and feelings aside this is a great issue in terms of the juxtaposition between certain characters. Especially with how it reveals how bad at normal socialization Spylocke is in terms of just being friends with people. As for the art it could have used more texture on the faces, which look a tad to surface in certain panels, but overall it is exceptional work. I recommend checking this issue out.


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