Recommended Comics List Of 4 King Of Avengers Edition

1. Avengers #0 printed in 2015 is great for tying several different openings to different titles together with one title acting as the through-line. Very impressive! Though the New Avengers story is not for everyone.

2. The Avengers #333 from 1991 is not the most epic in terms of visuals, but it is a good eight and up comic. It is most successful at showing that both heroes and villains can care about other people.

3. The Prisoner Book C, also known as issue 3, was published in 1988 and is as visually revolutionary in 2015 as it was then. Though not as accessible as Book A, also known as issue 1, it still presents enough information to please fans of the original television show. Recommended for fans of said show and those who have at least read issue 1.

4. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #13 (2015) is a very accessible issue in-spite of it being the second part of a four parter. The art is simply grand in terms of the detail of line work in creating texture. As for the writing I have to say the dialogue feels like a part of an actual episode of the series. I would recommend this issue to most Sci-Fi fans ages eight and up, except those with fears involving fires.


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