Recommended Comics List Of 4 Marvel Storm Conditions Edition

1. Hellstorm: Prince Of Lies #1 from 1993 is a relatively decent issue that shows the potential for two of Marvel's supernatural characters. The art could be less scratchy looking in certain panels but is decent overall. There is a little bit of a problem with the word count, but not enough to cause the issue to fail. In the end this is an intriguing example of a comic straddling the line between good and bad taste.

2. Spider-Gwen #1 (2015) is very accessible for new readers. Also it has strong characterization in the dialogue and art.

3. Princess Leia #1 circa 2015 is a good take on the Star Wars character. Perfect for teens, though I am not sure if the following issues are suitable for tweens.

4. Silk #1 from 2015 is not entirely accessible to oncoming readers. However the first issue is decent and can be picked up in a one dollar price range thanks to Marvel's 'True Believers' initiative. This is another good read for teens.


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