Recommended Comics List Of 4 Young Image Fairy Edition

1. I Hate Fairyland #1 has an interesting premise for a mature readers comic parodying a basic childhood fantasy. The only problem I found with it is a lack of real cursing. Which is a problem because little kids eventually pick up the bad things we adults do. Other than that I found an amusing story with great Ren & Stimpy type art.

2. Mega Man #54 is well drawn and provides a satisfying kids and up story with good character motivations.

3. Quasar #10 from 1990 is recommended for all ages with the caveat that Eon is scary to certain young readers. I mean I was scared as a kid when reading the comic which introduced Eon's child. Still this is a decent comic where all the characters act intelligently.

4. The Vision And The Scarlet Witch Volume 2 #6 from 1986 is decent in story and art. What makes it a recommended issue is the good example it gives of how Superheroes can have civilian supporting cast members. Also the coolness of realistically elevating a lame villain into an actual threat.


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