Bloodshot Reborn Issue 8 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    Despite the obviousness of the last Bloodshot wannabe being the psycho grandson from the first issue the ending of this issue still had some twists. Especially good is the authority figures intelligence regarding the bus routes and the other Bloodshot hunter that is not our lead. Who will emerge triumphant is still up in the air as the future shown in Book Of Death: Fall Of Bloodshot #1 is not definite. (Basing this off the endings of Book Of Death #4 and Book Of Death The Fall Of Harbinger #1) As for the art it is simply beautiful with just the right amount of obvious cross-hatching for certain shadowed areas. I recommend this issue, and if buying the print format going for the Mico Suayan regular cover edition due to it having story elements.


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