Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Library Edition Volume 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This was more of a re-read for me since I had already read the majority of the issues in single issue  format. That being said I noticed several minor artistic flaws in each of the regular issues. Examples range from Buffy's feet being out of proportion to Andrew just not looking like Tom Lenk in the least. However the vast majority of the art looks good enough. Though this brings up the small mistake of saying that Jeanty is "flawless"when in fact he, and everyone in this universe, cannot be fitted with that description. Especially considering some of the minor artistic flaws are located in the issues he worked on.

    As for the writing it is ill-serviced by Jane's Espenson's 'Magical Mystery Tour Featuring The Beetles' story being at the beginning. Yes, it is a good special to have included for those who either missed it digitally or are only interested in physical comics. The problem is that it screws up internal continuity for the other stories in this volume. It would work better if it had been put in a later volume, perhaps even combined with the Spike mini-series that occurred during this season. The only other writing related dilemma is the waste of a potential pregnancy and Buffy having to deal with all that could entail.

     Overall I do think this is a good book for fans of Buffy or just those into the supernatural genre. So I do recommend it if you fall into either of those two camps.


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