Ei8ht Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue is obvious in its missing backgrounds, but one might miss that due to how quickly paced it is in the writing. Speaking of the writing it is the best this series has ever seen to this point. We get characters making connections by using logical thought, even if it is somewhat of a leap in logic for which character starts the connecting. Also we get two possible ways the story could go in terms of development. One route featuring a fascist faction winning World War 2 through time travel and the other route involving negating the former of the two. Finally the work done by the colorist and letterer is fine, but they do not stand out in my opinion when compared to several other comics this year. No offense!

    I do recommend this issue, but give the warning that not everyone may be tolerant of the reveal in this issue. Also because it may be somewhat triggering.


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