Imperium Issue 10 Review with Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue is recommended mainly for those who want a deeper look into the history of the Valiant Universe. Though I also recommend it because of the level of depth of both the art and characterization. The art is very cinematic in both artists' ability to create the illusion of kinetic motion. Both artists are also close enough in style that the change in art styles does not remove one from the story. However there are slight differences between Juan and Cafu styles. Juan is a little bit more exaggerated during more extreme moments in terms of portraying things like damage and raw emotion. Whereas Cafu is a little more based in reality and a bit smoother in drawing forms. As for the characterization we get a character study for each character in this issue. Even those who get one scene only are given some for the reader to know about them. Just a truly great issue from a great series that a great creative team is working on!


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