In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 40

   How many other fans failed to notice on the first view that "Chibi" was in English on the extra cup in both the Japanese and English dub? I also think that the scene with Rei and Usagi staring and blushing at each other probably inspired some fan fictions and art. Speaking of romances I feel that  the history between Saphir and Petz is very last minute. Though I do prefer the English dub's ending for the tighter end to their romantic tragedy. The Japanese dub went a little too long after Saphir's death. Another thing that is last minute is the first mention of Death Phantom. Just makes it seem like a last minute edition to the plot. I also wonder why if Death Phantom has absolute power why he needed the Black Moon clan? Finally is the Black Moon clan descended from Death Phantom's original form?


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