In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episodes 41 42 43

    Episode 41 has me sort of split on which 90s dub had the better dialogue. I mean fighting for Cheesecake campiness (English) versus a more logical, slightly smarter script (Japanese). Though both were a letdown regarding Demande lacking common sense. Demande is basically a fool for believing a fortune-teller advisor who does not follow orders, fails to be accurate in predictions, and kills his (Demande's) brother. Also I really felt him going insane in Sailor Moon Crystal was cooler than his final fate in this episode. Finally did anyone else think Naru was as unnecessary as Luna and Artemis getting hurt in this episode?

    As for Episode 42 was a letdown for all the time it takes with the saving of Chibi-Usa and only giving a short time to the battle. Heck the future Silver Crystal's location is just remembered last minute in a very rushed Deus Ex Machina. Also I noticed that the other scouts didn't really do anything to truly help Usagi and Mamoru save Chibi-Usa. They could have distracted Wiseman or split their force to attack the Dark Gate and Wiseman. Am I the only one who would have liked this battle continue into episode 43?

   Speaking of episode 43, I think it is a waste of money since it is a clip show of past episodes with a few preview clips thrown. Though at least the Japanese's dub's next episode preview at the end of 42 gives a warning about this. Whereas the English dub fails in this and taking advantage of the format to break the 'fourth wall' like the Japanese version.

   As a second series/season of the Sailor Moon franchise it was hit or miss. Finally I feel a lot of the filler was slightly better than the ending arcs for Ail and An, and Wiseman.

  Note: Next Thursday will be another post on a volume of the manga and Friday will be when I do the Sailor Moon R movie post.


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