In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 1

  Who came up with the odd idea to have this episode's monster show present her cleavage in order to suck out weirdly designed hearts? Also someone tell me the English vocals for Usagi and Ami will be back to what they were soon. Cause it was annoying to hear the original English dub vocals for Usagi in this episode. Though I was only slightly annoyed by the change for Ami. Obviously the Japanese dub is better in terms of the vocals remaining the same, however it also gives a better version of the evil-doers' plans. Seeing as a "mighty force" does not inspire fear and awe like a legendary lost relic.

   Oh! I just remembered the reason this is late is because I was watching a video format retrospective on Sailor Moon made by Channel Awesome reviewer Calluna.

   Now for questions: Why did the female scientist villain mention that she was going to look for more victims when there is no follow through? Anyone else notice the crescent moon in this episode during one particular moment? Why is Rei not sharing her premonition with the others as soon as Usagi finishes talking? Was the problem Makoto asks Ami for help on something that required a very lengthy response? Cause Ami apparently writes a long answer. Why would any of the scouts be worried about their future, or at least certain aspects, when they have encountered a mostly bright future setting? I would think Usagi would use that as an excuse to avoid some studying.


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