Ivar Timewalker Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

     The cliffhanger with the asteroid impact is a good end this issue. It leaves readers wanting to find out how the (good) Neela and young Ivar escaped. However the appearance of (evil) Neela is a little too soon for me considering we already had a lot of focus on her. As for the Julias Caesar reference in the form of a dinosaur it both worked and yet is a bad cliche. If another Roman emperor had been chosen as the reference it would have been less cliche.

    As for the art the facial elements could have been more consistent. For example Ivar's nose when the weapons are presented to him is off model. It is simply too wide. Despite said facial problems the artist works well in creating a visual narrative that matches the text narrative. Finally the colorist and letterer did nice jobs.



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