Ninjak Issue 9 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The previous issue summary is out of sequence regarding the actual timeline of events. This is kind of annoying in terms of how it might confuse certain readers. Though the character designs by Matt Kindt are a treat that sort of makes up for this annoyance. 

  As for the main story, I think that confirming the butler was Colin's real biological father was a smart move. It both makes things better and worse regarding the abuse doled out. Better due the fact that it shows the fact that there may have been the positive motivation of not wanting Colin to turn out like his neglectful mother. Worse in every way abuse from a parent actually is since parents are meant to protect kids. Finally the art and writing are good, but I felt both stories were wrapped up a little to abruptly. It feels like we could have had one more issue of the Shadow Seven arc.

   Despite the small problems I had with this issue it is definitely one I recommend.


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