Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Fly Girl Adventure Edition

1. Marvel Team-Up #107 (1981) Starts off good but quickly deviates into a convoluted mess and ends in a nonsensical, melodramatic way. It also has the two characters fight for longer than they team-up.

2. Adventures Of The Fly #21 (1962) The stories are very generic in design. Not to mention that The Fly and Fly Girl have powers other than those of a fly. So technically these characters should be called The Insect and Insect Girl.

3. "Marvelman and the Atomic Bomber" originally published in Marvelman #25 February 3, 1954 and reprinted by Marvel in Miracleman #1 in 2014. It has good art especially for the time period. However it has several lettering mistakes and the horrible 'hero captured, but not immediately killed' cliche. The final problem I found is that it has a very rushed story with an abrupt ending.

4. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #50 from 1964 is just really sexist.


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